Integrated Planning

At MYTHRI CONSTRUCTION CO, we view planning as a critical function, a prerequisite to the success of any project, large or small. To us, planning means pioneering new levels of professionalism into the industry and achieving standards which are nothing less than international. Needless to say, to deliver these standards, we have honed our systems to a high degree of sophistication — from concept to commissioning and material procurement to installation.

Adopting a precision-driven approach, we start by providing detailed working drawings created on CAD systems. We coordinate closely with other civil construction departments, to understand their requirements. And, we chalk out an implementation plan that commits to deliveries and schedules.

Depending on the requirements of the project, we create an on-site office infrastructure comprising telephone lines a fax machine, a PC and an AutoCAD system for faster decision-making. And, for greater accuracy at every stage you will find our documentation comprehensive, precise and updated.

High Caliber Workforce

At MYTHRI CONSTRUCTION CO our senior managers constitute some of the best minds in the industry: stalwarts who bring a solutions-oriented approach to their jobs. Most of them have been in their respective fields for over a decade; hence they have a sharp understanding of customer requirements and carry a strong sense of accountability to their needs. Our junior engineers are handpicked from the finest institutions and trained at some of the best engineering companies in India.

It is no coincidence that every project, big or small, enjoys the involvement of top management: a fact that sets us apart in our field. On-site, our personnel are fully empowered to take critical decisions. Led by a Project manager, the team comprises experienced Engineers, Supervisors, Electricians and other fully dedicated support staff picked for their project-relevant experience.

Augmenting their technical skills is a customer- oriented attitude that forms the very essence of our work culture, helps to create a productive environment and leaves a lasting impression with customers.


Fabrication and Supply of the following

  • 33 KV X arms
  • 11 KV X arms
  • 33 KV Horizontal X arms
  • 11 KV Horizontal X arms
  • 33 KV Top Cleats
  • 11 KV Top Cleats
  • 33 KV Back Clamps
  • 11 KV Back Clamps
  • 33 KV D.P Sets
  • 11 KV D.P.Sets