At MYTHRI CONSTRUCTION CO, we see ourselves as a comprehensive support system to our customers' needs and deadlines. Therefore, in moments of urgency, we act first and ask questions later. Often, recognizing trust as a vital component to any aggressive relationship, we get to work before getting a letter of intent. And, taking a proactive approach, we are ready with Government Permissions and approvals well in advance.

In a field susceptible to absolved responsibility, we unhesitatingly take the initiative in coordinating work-flows with your architect, consultant and other on-site agencies. This way, we ensure there is complete accountability and give you a no-excuses system to bank on. What's more, we bring the same degree of commitment to every project, regardless of size or budget.

With us, support also means being on site well after the job is accomplished, and in viewing maintenance as an opportunity for greater bonding. Most of our customers being big players, it was vital that we expand our network to match theirs; to make sure we are present where and when they need us; and deliver the service standards they have come to expect.